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A CCTV Odyssey

9 Channel Video Installation
a CCTV odyssey project was created during the quarantine, which lasted about three months.

Epidemic and mass surveillance narratives in dystopian stories came side by side and face to face in 2020.
The mask, which is used as a camouflage tool against surveillance systems, became compulsory to be protected during the pandemic period.
Access to multiple data, which is facilitated by crowds, has been prevented by another dystopian subject. Our digital and physical existence is intertwined in this period. The streets remained so empty for the first time, and nature continued to grow and heal from where it left off.
In the days of lockdown, I decided to locate my online self as a camera, that is, the observer. Watching the cities, streets, shops and social life that were emptied through CCTV cameras and drifting in different parts of the world turned into a meditative action after a while. It became a cyber simulation of the “dérive” theory developed by the Situationists.
During this period, I recorded over 1000 videos from all over the world.
I aimed to record and archive the feelings of silence, emptiness and loneliness. Cameras and camera perspectives do not remain the same, some cameras are hacked, and corrupt and some of them are closed to access. Therefore, the recorded videos will remain unique in terms of time and space.

The videos, which are divided into 9 categories, tell their stories in a place captured by nature.


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