eye of the giant squid
2020 - ongoing

“The data wells inside ourselves, like all those other drilling sites, won’t last forever either." Evgeny Morozov in his essay titled After the Facebook scandal it’s time to base the digital economy on public v private ownership of data (The Guardian, 1 April 2018) states that people have gone beyond being data wells and turned into abandoned carcasses. Hereafter, what will remain from us? In the current development of digital culture, we experience an “overflow situation” in which more information is transmitted than machines and people can handle. How can we find conscious ways to be active in both digital and physical space without being part of the data overflow system? How do we reorganize the functioning of the digital economy, of which we are part of a continuous flow of data, that inside and outside monitors and copies us? Who owns data ownership?
Who’s using our face in surveillance capitalism? What about our voice? ”You lose control of your data, you lose control of your narrative.” (Adam Harvey)

The cycle of our online selves turning into datasets and becoming machine learning algorithms, leaking and reprocessing our information provided by the interfaces that mediate our online lives, is getting faster and wilder.

eye of the giant squid* is a research/art project that investigates these questions and builds an artificial ecosystem from this cycle.
The video was created during the quarantine by converting 5000 images into a dataset taken from CCTVs in different cities of the world and training it through machine learning. Machine learning studies continue with different datasets.
The cables connected together represent the closed and connectedness of the flow, while they also represent the sensors of the giant squid.

* The giant squid (Architeuthis Dux) is a creature with the biggest eyes among living creatures.