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eye of the giant squid
2020 - ongoing

2 Channel Video Installation

How do we find conscious ways of being active/activists, both in the digital and the physical sphere, without just becoming part of a system of abundant accumulation, or data overflow?" Zach Blas. How do we reorganize the functioning of the digital economy, of which we are part of a continuous flow of data, that inside and outside monitors and copies us?
Who owns data? Who is using our face in surveillance capitalism? What about our voices?
”You lose control of your data, you lose control of your narrative.” Adam Harvey


eye of the giant squid* is an ongoing research/art project that spans around these questions and investigates through the animal-human-machine ecosystem the surveyed and the monitored information. The videos were created, using machine learning. Neural networks model trained on a dataset of images taken from CCTVs in different cities of the world.
The AI-generated video in the left eye was created from CCTV footage intervened by animals and plants, and the AI-generated video in the right eye was created from distorted and glitch CCTV footage.


The cables connected together represent the cycle of the flow, while they also represent the sensors of the giant squid.

* The giant squid (Architeuthis Dux) is a creature with the largest eyes among living things. 


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